How to Use Yoga to Boost Your Energy and Get Centered

Yoga is a body therapy to make some peace with everyday life. So much is going on all around us and it is so hard to stay calm and focused, but yoga allows one to concentrate on the positive things of life and channelize their energies to make life better. Yoga is not only a body and mind theory, it is an energy therapy as well. The postures that you do in yoga can have a huge impact on your heart rate, channeling and centering your energy. There are a few postures that can boost your energy in tremendous ways and help you get centered and focused:

Spine reflex pose

This pose makes you sit like to do on a camel ride. You have to get your legs crossed, pit your hand beneath your knees or shins and then raise your chest. Exhale and inhale deeply for 2 minutes. The posture allows your spine to release its energy and keep you more boosted and motivated.

As your mind is relaxed, you will have more time to think about the positive stuff in life and this will help you to stay motivated and focused.

Stretching Pose

Sit on the yoga mat and stretch your legs. With each hand, try to hold the corresponding toes of the foot. Inhale some air, stretch back making your spine do a little reflexing. Exhale and then lower yourself at the waist and hold the toes again. Repeat this process for 1-3 minutes. This will help to flow the energy from the spine to the other areas of body especially your brain and limbs.

Plank Pose

It allows activating all the muscles of your body. This pose makes sure that the energy flow throughout the body constant. Your shoulder muscles are working as well as your thigh and back muscles. Plank pose allows getting the energy centered making sure that your energy levels remain boosted throughout the day.

Forget about the worries of life while doing yoga. You will see the results shortly. Your mind and your body will start to feel better. Stress and worries contribute a lot to destroying your everyday life and health. Yoga enables you to collect all the energy and put it into the right places where you can utilize this energy for growth and development of the body.


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