Are Trans Fats Really That Bad?

Fat in every form is bad for your health. A body having a high cholesterol level not only is prone to diseases but at the risk of losing many other things in life as well. If you are not physically fit, you cannot do your job properly or run your family efficiently. An obese body has to deal with mental stress as well. A person becomes irritated and depressed. So, a high-fat diet has numerous harmful effects.

What is Trans fat?

Trans fat is obtained from natural sources which are not that much dangerous. The Trans fat or hydrogenated vegetable oil from the synthetic origin are the things that cause the most damage. Trans fat from synthetic origin come in foodstuffs like pies, cookies, baked goods, pizzas, cakes and other junk food. The Trans fats in these foods accumulate the body are not easy to get rid of as well.

What foods have high trans-fat?

Trans fat is mainly present in the foods that are not from natural source. A Trans fat also known as LDL is a silent killer. A person eating a lot of junk food gets obese easily. So junk foods especially cheese, pizzas, doughnuts, pies, and cookies have a high amount of Trans fat. The oil in which the fries are cooked repeatedly has a high concentration of Trans fat. Frozen products are also a rich source of this type of fat.

What does Trans fat do?

Trans fat also known as the LDL tends to get accumulated in your blood vessels. Since fat can become a part of your blood, it can lead to the thickening of the blood. A clot is formed as result. A clot in the blood could clog the cardiac vessels leading to ischemia or an infarction. This can lead to a heart attack that could be fatal. Similarly, a blood clot in the brain can cause hemorrhage. A Blood vessel loaded with fat resists the flow of blood resulting in angina pain. So Trans fat is a silent killer.

How to get rid of Trans fat?

You can get rid of Trans fat by stopping to eat the processed food products. You can avoid hydrogenated plant oils which are a high source of Trans fat. Cutting out the eating outside and eating processed food will help you to lose weight easily.


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