Top 6 tips for healthier winter skin

Winter is the time of the year where the skin is affected the most. Whether you have an oily skin or dry skin, you will see changes in the skin in this season. You will feel the dimming of your color or tone, dryness or rashes on the skin in cases of dry skin, and oily patches in case of oily skin. Some people even get severe skin allergies in this season since the body comes in contact with more allergens than usual. You can use these tips to make sure you have a healthy skin in winter.

Keep yourself hydrated

It is advised to keep you hydrated so that the pores of the skin do not clog as not much sweat is produced in this season. Unclogging of the pores will release the toxins from the body which keep the skin healthy.

Use moisturizers

If you have a dry skin which gets abrasions easily, go for the use of moisturizers.  They are a blessing in such weather. They reduce the friction of the skin, make it smooth and abrasion free.

Use sunscreens

The UV light rays in the winter are more harmful so it is better to use sunscreens or any protectant to protect your skin from these rays or sunburn. Shedding of the dead cells of the skin occurs in this season so it is recommended to save the new cells from damage by using these protective creams.


Winter tends to make the skin more oily if you have an oily skin already. Cleansing is the best way to remove oil from the face. You can use a less oily cleanser to remove the oil and then use any scrub to drain off further oil.

Wash face with hot water

Cold water can cause wearing and tearing of the skin. To make sure that your skin cells are properly moisturized and hydrated, wash your face with a little hot water. Do not overheat the water. Just mild heat is enough to clean the bacteria off the face.

Use fibers-free clothing stuff

Cotton and linen are the best fabrics to be used in winters if you do not want any dermatitis sort of allergies. It is therefore recommended to use these instead of wool in your bedding since they do not cause allergies of the skin which are quite common.


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