Top 10 Diet Hacks of Your Favorite Snacks

Snacks are a small portion of food that you take in between your meals to satisfy the sudden and unexpected hunger. The issue with snacks is that they can be of high calories and can make you gain weight more rapidly. Since you will always have a craving for a snack; it is a more straightforward approach to get some creativity done to these everyday snacks. These snacks can be made of low calorie.

Here are 10 diet hacks that you can do to your snacks to eat them every day:

  1. Cinnamon pinching

Add a pinch of cinnamon to every meal. This powder has the tendency to lower the starch content of the food and is good in taste as well. So you can add cinnamon to any of your snacks without any worry. You can make the snack low-calorie with a pinch of cinnamon.

  1. Frozen grapes

Eat frozen grapes if your body is craving for anything that is crunchy and savory. This diet hack would keep you away from the trans-fat that you gather from the fried and cheesy foods.

  1. Tortilla pies

They can cure your hunger and cravings for the cheesy pizzas. They are low in carbs and fats as well so you can easily have them as a snack without worrying about the calories.

  1. Blueberries dipped in yogurt

Blueberries dipped in frozen yogurt are also a diet hack of your snacks that can give you fibers and flavors in a single dish. These are easy to make and are delicious as well.

  1. Cookie yogurt

If you love cookies, you can make a cookie yogurt to compensate for the calories gained with the cookies.

  1. Chocolate and fruits

Combine fruits with chocolate to suppress your craving for chocolate. Dip bananas or strawberries in chocolate and let them cool before eating.

  1. Fruit smoothies

You can make banana or blueberries smoothies in yogurt and add milk in them to make them low calories and an excellent diet hack.

  1. Powdered peanut butter

It is a new product in the market and has low calories than the regular peanut butter. Try it out.

  1. Avoid white bread

Replace your breakfast white bread with a wholegrain bread to lower the calorie count.

  1. Avocado

Add avocados to your toasts and sandwiches to lower the calories in them and make them a diet hack.


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