How to Be Smart About Your Cardio Time

No matter how strong your body is if your heart is not strong enough your health will not be good. Cardiovascular health is very important in determining the type of life you are leading. A cardio exercise is a term that has been trending in the fitness circle for a very long time. For the general public to know, cardio exercises increase your stamina, heart rate, and respiratory rate while you are doing any activity such as running, during workouts, cycling, climbing stairs, or dancing etc.

These exercises make the healthy muscles stronger allowing you to boost your stamina and energy to do strenuous workouts.

Making the heart rate steady

Steady training to increase the heart rate progressively is effective in increasing your Cardio timing and stamina. These protocols have proven to be effective in increasing your fitness and boost your energy. Choose a treadmill or a long walk in a garden and start running at a normal pace for 20 minutes or more. Gradually increase the intensity of the ace and the duration according to your will and strength. Your cardio timing will increase progressively within weeks. This protocol is effective and is easy to follow as well.

Follow an interval training protocol

If you want to burn your fat rapidly, interval training is a great way to do it. This training involves steady state training on the treadmill accompanied with high-intensity training for 3-4 minutes and then shifting back to the treadmill. The breathing rate and heart rate will increase during the high-intensity training and will make your heart adapt to this training session as well. This training allows you to further move up to the high-intensity training.

Core strength through high-intensity training

High-intensity training is very popular these days and they help you to build your cardio time smartly. They include short intervals and high-intensity workouts for developing your cardio. The 20-minute treadmill is accompanied by a strenuous workout of 3 minutes followed by a 1-minute interval in most cases. Make sure that you do not overdo these exercises and an interval of 24-48 hours is mandatory for the cardiac muscles to recover from the workout.

Cardio timing can be built smartly if your workout according to your strength and capabilities. Go step by step through the training and you will achieve better results if you follow the right diet and workout.


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