Why Do Your Fingers Prune Up After a Bath

Our skin has many layers and each of these layers have a major role to play. The epidermis, dermis or the subcutaneous layer of the skin each serves a major role in producing sweat, keeping the skin hydrated, releasing toxins from the body, and protection from external damage and environment etc.

These layers play a major role in protecting us from many diseases as well. The reason is this that they absorb and kill the disease-causing agent. In case if you are taking a bath, water has many microorganisms in it. Skin acts as a barrier. It absorbs water and gets swelled which is called during of the skin.

Pruning of the skin after a bath

Dead skin cells are at the top layer of the skin. They get replaced every now and then. Skin cells at the surface are dead and they are keratinized as well, so they can absorb water and get swelled. Skin in the hand and feet is mostly thick to protect cuts and abrasions. Since there are a lot of these dead cells, so they absorb water while you are having a bath.

If you are taking a long bath, more water will be absorbed. As they absorb water, the keratin in these cells gets swollen. This swollen keratin appears as prunes in the hands and fingers. It is a protective mechanism so there is no need to freak out about it.

Why prune up fingers are an advantage?

This mechanism is an advantage as well. Some people might consider it as some sort of disorder but it is a protective mechanism. After a long bath, our hands start to lose grip on everything. With the fingers pruning up, the resistance to hold and grip everything is provided. This is particularly helpful to people who have to work in water for most of the time such as construction workers or swimmers or climbers etc.

Pruning of the fingers opens the waterways in the skin cells that retain water for some time and then the water is made a part of the body. Pruning of fingers helps to protect the skin of the hands; wearing and tearing of the dead cells occurs and new skin comes on the surface. So this process has many advantages that people must know before declaring it a disease.


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