What Exactly Does BMI Measure?

Being overweight is not a choice. Some people have genetic issues that make them gain more weight. While some eat junk food which is a trigger for gaining weight. Whatever the factor behind the weight gaining is, the consequences of being overweight are fatal. Your body undergoes a lot of changes. Your heart will have to put some extra a lot more force to pump blood. Your cholesterol level will rise. A rise in blood pressure is also seen. Being overweight is not a single disease; it is a list of diseases.

What is BMI?

Body Mass Index or BMI is the measurement of the body height and body weight or fats in terms of a ratio. It tells the concentration of fat in your blood and body. An ideal BMI is 26. Anything below 20 tells that you are weak and lean. While a BMI of 27 or more tells that you are an overweight and obese.

BMI scale

You can conduct a BMI measurement to determine your body weight. The easy formula to do so is by dividing your weight in pounds with your height in inches and then multiplying the result with 703. A result is a number which upon matching with the scale allows to you know your BMI. The scale is as follows:

16-18.5 means you are underweight, 18.5 to 25 means you are normal and 25 to 30 means overweight.

Reliability of BMI

The results given by BMI are not a word of the gospel. So you should not treat these results as a final word. There are a lot of factors to consider while measuring a BMI.

The results might alleviate in cases of elderly who have less muscle mass and more body fat.

Similarly, in women, the ratio of body fat is higher as compared to men. They do not have that much muscle mass.

If you are working out, your muscle mass could increase leading to a disrupted BMI result. Therefore, it is not wise to consider a BMI result as a final word.

What is meant by high BMI and how to control it?

A high BMI is commonly seen in people who have diabetes, heart disease, stroke, or cancer. You can control your BMI by losing weight. Losing weight will help you to lose fat which will lower the BMI.


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