Could Divorce Trigger Hair Loss in Women?

Every emotional trauma has an effect on our mental and physical health. Whether it is the death of a beloved person or it is a separation from a loved one, the bodies undergo a lot of changes. Brian undergoes changes since many hormones and chemical alterations are seen. A person becomes more stressed and irritated. Unhappiness and aggression prevail. These things lead to negative impact on the body. Such is the case with divorces.

Divorce is a separation and it has a lot of impact on the behavioral, physical, and emotional circumstances of a person. Men and women undergo different changes when they get divorced.

Changes in divorce during and after divorce

Men tend to take more time to get over it but eventually, they move on. But in women, they tend to seem to be getting over it at the start but in actual they get depressed with the passage of time. If it is a long marriage, the consequences on her mental health will be severe. The Hormonal imbalance will be seen along with aggression, irritation and mood swings.

Hair loss has a lot to do with the condition of your body. If you have a healthy body and you are taking a healthy diet, you will not get hair loss any sooner. But if you are depressed and you are going through any emotional phase of your life, the hormones will tend to make you weaker. You will be putting a lot of stress on your brain and this makes you grow weak and lean. The hair will grow weak. The keratin needed to make them string will not be sufficient enough and as a result of this hormonal triggering, the hair loss will start.

Hair loss is not a disease. It is a disorder that has occurred due to a hormonal imbalance in the body. As soon as you start getting better, your body will start to respond to these positive signal as well. You will feel a surge of energy in your body. Your metabolism and growth rate will be better and so does your hair growth. Divorces do trigger hair loss in women but it can be compensated with healthy protein diet and meditation. Worries can be dealt with but health is more important and this is what every woman must remember in this hard phase of life.


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