Choosing the Right Skin Care for You

It is a common practice to use any makeup or cosmetic predict without considering that it suites to your skin or not. The damage done by these chemicals to the skin is irreparable and can be hardly undone. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the type of skin that you have and the type of products that you can use for your skin.

Skin type and products

A skin type determination is the first step in the direction to choose a skin care product. If you have an oily skin, do not go for any creams or lotions or sunscreens to protect your skin during winters. Your skin already has enough oil in it. These products will make it greasier. In order to protect your skin in winters, try using any makeup product that absorbs the oil and makes your skin moisturized and grease free.

Many suggest the CTM therapy in which you have to cleanse your skin, tone it and then moisturize it. This process is suitable for summers and winters as well.

You have to choose the skin care products that have least chemicals, are paraffin-free and are from a reputed brand as well.

A person having a dry skin can use moisturizers in winters to keep eh skin smooth. Lotions and creams that are not with paraffin should be used to caress the skin. You can use almond oil or oil olive for massaging and cleansing as well. In summers, try to clean your face with fresh and cold water to unclog the pores and get the toxins out of them.

Using organic scrubs can be helpful to get the dead skin off on both skin types. Use Aloe Vera to treat acne and other septic issues. You can make scrubs at home using the local substances such as sugar, lemon, yogurt, flax seeds, and almonds etc. They not only provide nutrition to the skin but keep it fresh and alive as well.

They do not have any harmful effects ado the chemical substances have. They do not cause allergies or any irritation on the skin. They are easy to get and they are economical as well. You can always consult your dermatologist before using any of them. But they are an easy approach to homemade remedy to treat skin care issues which are quite common these days.


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