How to Build Explosive Strength for Running and Life

You have to go through a lot of pain in order to build the strength and stamina for running. The strength of the body is as much important as much as the strength of the mind. The strength of the muscles of the lower limbs is very important in order to have a great running speed and steadfastness. This strength is built with a number of techniques and exercises that give strength to the calf, thighs, knee, and feet and all the muscles that are associated with these regions. Here is a list of the exercises that you can do to build strength for running and life:

 Squats of the single leg

These exercises activate the muscles such as quadriceps, hamstrings, adductors, abductors, and gluteal. The exercise of these muscles helps to align the knees and the hips and strengthen the knees while tinning. This increases the stamina of the muscles of the legs while running. Make sure that your knee and foot are aligned while you are doing the squats. They help to strengthen the lower back muscles as well. Do eight replicas on each leg and rest for 1 minute.

Dumbbells and step-ups

Doing step-ups with dumbbells strengthen the hip muscles that are mostly used while running. The erector spinae of the lower spine is also strengthened in this course of exercise. These muscles are mostly a part of the running. Do eight replicas on each leg and rest for 1 minute after every set.

Calf muscle strengthening

Raising of the calf muscles give them strength and build the Achilles tendons that participate the most while running.  They provide the necessary force of propulsion while running so they have to be made stronger for an effective speed while running. Do two sets of ten replaces with this exercise and take a rest of 2 minutes in between the sets.

Leg strengthening and extension

You can get your core stabilizers strong and extended by using the extension techniques. You can build these muscles to protect the spinal injuries and maintain the balance while running. These exercises also help to increase the stamina and the speed as well. Do this exercise in sets of 2 with 8 replicas and take rest after every 2 minutes to gain the breath back. They are a good mean to strengthen your legs for running and life.


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