Beyond Broccoli: 5 Delicious Ways to Eat Your Vegetables

Let’s admit the fact that vegetables do not attract us as much in a whole meal as they attract us on top of a pizza. The main reason is the fact that they are not presented in a way to attract the attention and their appeal is not enough that tempts one to eat them. Broccoli has been eaten by the population for a long period of time but it is the time that we invent new ways to skid the vegetables to our tables and our plates with new flavors that could relish our taste buds.

Here are the ways by which you and your family can start to eat vegetables in a very delicious and realistic ways:

  1. Add them to your smoothies

You can add herbs and other green vegetables to your smoothies. The smoothies already have loads of fruits in them along with milk or yogurt so these vegetables won’t affect the taste. Plus, they can also add the nutritional benefits. You can have these smoothies after workouts to balance your body’s salts and water levels. Vegetables can be made a part of the smoothies easily and are a very healthy content.

  1. Add vegetables to omelets

Breakfast omelets can be a great accommodator of vegetables. You can add tomatoes, scallions, capsicum, and other vegetables to your omelets. Omelet muffins are also a very popular way of accommodating vegetables in your kid’s and your diet.

  1. Make them a part of meals

You can add vegetables to the whole meals like add broccoli to chicken or add a slice of asparagus to a salmon meal. You can add zucchini to a rice meal as well. Steaks are served with asparagus, mashed

  1. Roasted vegetables

You can change the style of presenting vegetables by roasting them instead of steaming. The roasted touch adds a characteristic flavor to the vegetables which you and your family might like more. Adding vinegar or lemon juice might spice up the things a little bit more.

  1. Sauteed vegetables

Slicing the vegetables and cooking them with olive oil in presence of salt and pepper makes them even more delicious and makes the taste a bit more fresh and tender. You can present the vegetables in this form as well. The taste will be great and the vegetables will feel fresh and rich in flavors. Use these techniques to start eating more vegetables.


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