5 Guilt-Free Chocolate Treats You Have to Try!

Chocolate is one of the most consumed foods on earth and is the most popular craving as well. But eating a lot of chocolate treats can get you in trouble such as CVS disease, diabetes, and weight gain which is dangerous if you are constantly gaining more and more weight. You can always opt for a diet but it will not contain any chocolate in it. You will have cravings and there are certain ways by which these cravings can be satisfied. There are 5 chocolate guilt-free deserts that you can eat without any guilt of disturbing your calorie count or weight scale. Here is their detail:

  1. Chocolate and dates

They are a great combination for the sweet lovers. You can always combine chocolate with dates. Get the dates coated in a mixture of chocolate. Let them get dry and eat them. They are low in calories causing you a 200 calorie damage only which is way less than a chocolate cupcake or chocolate ice-cream.  The bitterness of the chocolate is compensated with the sweetness of the dates.

  1. Chocolate and avocados

Avocados are a very healthy diet component and are a very flexible item of the kitchen which can be made a part of anything. It can be used as a salad, as a breakfast serving, in savory dished and now in deserts as well. You can combine avocado with chocolate without worrying too much. Make chocolate mousse and add avocado in it.

  1. Nuts and chocolate

You can make a chocolate bar filled with nuts and fruits and eat it anytime of the day without worrying about the calories. Add almonds, peanuts, pistachios, dried grapes, and resins to the chocolate bar to make it more tasty and healthy.

  1. Fruits and chocolate

You can never say a no to a combo of any fruit dipped in chocolate. Dip bananas in chocolate and make banana popsicles which are a treat for the taste buds or dip strawberries and cool them. They are a very cool chocolate snack which is low in calories and is healthy as well.

  1. Hot chocolate

A hot chocolate can be an answer to the stress of the day. You can always take a hot chocolate drink in a day without stressing over the calories. It is a great chocolate guilt-free food that you can take without worrying about your weight.


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