5 Most Common Cravings and How to Beat Them

Food cravings are a serious issue in today’s life. They are a killer for your diet plan. With so much food available in the form of junk food and street food, you can hardly escape these cravings. Fatty foods have this tendency that you crave more for them as their satiety value is high so you have to eat a lot of them to satisfy your fill. The harm done to your body by these midnight cravings of pizza, burgers, donuts, and cupcakes are countless. Hormonal or stress eating is quite common these days. Here are the 5 most common cravings and ways that you can use to beat them.

The 5 most common foods that you crave for the most are as follows:

  1. Good and bad carbs

Whenever a person is asked about how he gained weight, he will put the blame on the carbs that he is eating. Most of them are the processed carbs such as mac and cheese macaroni, cupcakes, chocolate cookies and pies, French fries, and ice cream. They are caused by the leptin surges and blood glucose levels dropping.

You can avoid these cravings by avoiding processed carbs as much as possible. You can take almonds and other protein-containing foods that can balance your sugar level. By taking a low sugar and high protein and fiber diet, you can manage to avoid these cravings.

  1. Soft drinks and beverages

Soft drinks and beverages are a source of high levels of sugars. They are a craving as well. You can avoid these cravings by keeping yourself more hydrated by drinking more water.

  1. Fatty and spicy foods

Foods containing more fat content are a natural food craving. Cheese being the chief component is the main ingredient that causes a gain of fat.

You can avoid these cravings by making a diet plan which allows eating healthy.

  1. Low protein intake

Eating protein in low concentration can lead to weight gain as well. Low fiber intake can lead to cravings as well. Protein-rich diet such as meat and chicken is a craving for many but they cause weight gain.

You can avoid these cravings by eating red beans etc. that are a rich source of proteins.

  1. Low fiber and wrong salads

Wrong salad combos are also a weight gainer. You can avoid these by taking high fibers and vegetables in salads.


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