12 Healthy Snacks for 100 Calories or Less

With such a hard routine every day we have to put a lot of mental and physical efforts. It is difficult to cope up with these routines if your nutrition is not fulfilled enough. The three meals a day are not enough to fulfill our requirements so most of us get hungry after having a meal and end up having some snack in between the meals. The snacks are usually high in terms of calories and do more damage then benefits to the body.

The lean fat and cholesterol level uprising is due to these cheesy and fatty snacks that are available in the market. You can opt for the snacks that are less than 100 calories to fulfill your hunger while staying in shape.

Here is the list of 12 snacks that will help you to cope up with the stress hunger in between the meals:

  1. Yogurt with honey

It is combinations of honey, cinnamon, and yogurt. It is a great antioxidant snack and helps to cope up with hunger in between meals.

  1. Frozen grapes

You can take frozen grapes as a healthy snack and they are less than 100 calories as well.

  1. Orange with cinnamon

You can take orange slices which have cinnamon powders sprinkled over them. It is a great snack which is less than 100 calories.

  1. Pineapples

You can have grilled pineapples which are a very low-calorie snack and can help to cope up with the huger.

  1. Blueberries

Blueberries along with low-fat cream can be a good sweetening snack.

  1. Dark chocolate

Half an ounce of dark chocolate a day can help you to control hunger.

  1. Figs

Figs are a great fruit that can be taken as a snack accompanied with cinnamon or stuffed with cheese.

  1. Nuts

Nuts such as almond are a great snack to boost your energy and are low in calories as well.

  1. Dates

Dates give you an immediate surge of glucose and are a healthy snack as well.

  1. Berries combo

Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries make a great salad and are a great snack as well.

  1. Olives

8 large olives a day are a great snack that is low in calories as well.

  1. Salad with chickpea and scallions

Take some chickpeas, scallions and some lemon juice and you can have a great salad that is savory and tasteful as well.


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